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  • The Penetrator is Spotters signature lens, due to its unique visual performance properties and incredible versatility. The Penetrator is a Polarized Photochromic Glass lens, which will seamlessly lighten or darken according to prevailing light conditions. The Penetrator can be worn from dawn to dusk. The high contrast bronze colouring of the Penetrator filters out blue light, resulting in visual contrast and definition and vivid colour clarity.

    Perfect for every lifestyle situation, driving, boating, fishing, golf, cycling, or where high definition vision is required. Spotters Polarized
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  • Customer Reviews

    Average rating: 5 stars

    5 stars title= Excellent, better than Serengeti, 25th Apr 2012

    Reviewer: Kyle Michelson

    I bought Serengeti's in a similar style, and although their construction and appearance was excellent, I noticed glare from multiple directions. The particular model I had was also made for a small face apparently.

    The Spotters Crave with Penetrator lenses are superior in every way. They look great, fit on the nose perfectly and comfortably, and nearly eliminate glare. They also have better color than the Serengeti's. I did notice that at certain angles the sunlight caused some brightness in front of my eyes, but much less so than the Serengeti's. One thing that surprised me about the Crave is that they're actually fairly large. On the plus side, I don't even notice the frame in my field of vision. However, I feel that they're made for a pupil-to-pupil distance of around 68-70 mm, which is a bit larger than mine. Minor details though. Overall they're the best pair of sunglasses I had, and well worth the $240. Excellent fit and finish, excellent materials, and the leather case they come with is superb.

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